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Description: Curating content in pursuit of true humanity
About: Admin at invites you to tell us about an RSS/Atom feed which we might add as a channel source one of our existing forum/channels. wiki pages PGP pubkey For reference, forums are named according to the following coding protocol LOCATIONtypeFOCUStopic LOCATION: REGION or STATE from which the RSS feed originates (numerical codes as per) unsd methodology TYPE: ind natural individual in personal capacity edi edition opinion released on blog, vlog reg registered news agency or press outlets gov official state source prd parody FOCUS: REGION or STATE which is the focus of content (numerical codes as per) unsd methodology TOPIC: any sundry pol policy climate politics biz business art culture society entertainment bod health nutrition mas spiritual religious agr agriculture mil military tec technology inovation sec security or privacy xxx pornographic content (does not apply to nudity content) lie manipulative false propaganda by empire